Our Story, Vision & Values

Strondy, as an electronic money institution, offers tailored payment services and bespoke payment processing solutions for online businesses through our extensive partner network. Our product suite for e-commerce merchants encompasses payment gateways, merchant accounts, and alternative payment solutions. Our team of experts collaborates with businesses to optimize their payment experience, enhance payment acceptance and boost revenue, aligning with your business goals.

Strondy's experience

In the age of increasing cryptocurrencies and the ever-growing digital landscape, digital transformation surrounds us daily. Strondy was founded with a fundamental goal: to assist digital businesses in adapting to these changes and flourishing in the digital economy. This principle inspires our team to provide innovative payment services tailored to your business needs, insightful perspectives on the cryptocurrency landscape, and reliable expertise to navigate the complexities of a dynamic world, particularly in the realm of payment gateways.

Innovative Solutions

Our integration with multiple payment rails through a robust platform enables us to provide top-performing merchant accounts with redundancy, ensuring your business is consistently operational

Industry Expertise

We help your business keep up with the ever-changing trends and rules in the digital world.

Professional Team

As ex-merchants and banking experts, we understand the ins and outs of crafting and integrating a high-performing payment solution tailored to your business.

Our Story

Established in the United Kingdom in 2018, Xchange Finance Ltd, emerged as a logical evolution from the extensive engagement of our founding partners in various e-commerce ventures. Their prolonged experience allowed them to grasp the profound interconnection and integration of e-commerce in the ever-evolving realm of digital payments.

Strondy was established by a team of digital entrepreneurs collaborating with former banking professionals. Having navigated the challenges of opening bank accounts and managing payments firsthand, we offer a unique perspective from both the merchant and banking sides. This insight enables us to serve as a strong support for growth for our clients.

Presently, we have evolved into a well-established payment company. Our global network includes several regulated payment partners, and we are recognized as a trusted payment provider serving more than 150 diverse clients worldwide.


Xchange Finance Ltd was established with a mission to offer dependable payment solutions in underserved verticals.


Xchange Finance Ltd obtains its Electronic Money Institution Licence in the United Kingdom and launches its platform "Strondy" for digital entrepreneurs


Strondy expands from Payment Account services and now also proposes Payment Gateway, Payment processing and full end-to-end payment operations for digital businesses.


Strondy accelerates its growth and presence in more business verticals.

To come...

Why Choose Us

Strondy provides hassle-free payment solutions for any online business.


Our team combines the expertise of traditional banking, entrepreneurship and digital businesses. And we all share the same passion for fintech and modern payment solutions.


Strondy is a trusted partner who has established strong partnerships with several licensed financial institutions authorized to hold funds for our clients.

Payment Experts

We know payments are critical for digital businesses. From conversion rates to risk metrics, our team is solely focused on making sure you have the necessary tools to grow your business.

Our Values

Here’s what we stand for in our journey to provide reliable
payment solutions to online businesses and digital entrepreneurs across the globe.


Embracing and implementing cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative solutions that meet the real needs of the digital economy.


Ensuring consistent and secure payment processing, technical reliability is at the core of our products.


Committing to clear and open communication about fees, processes, and services to build trustworthy relationship with clients.

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