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We’re not just a payment company. We’re a team of entrepreneurs who focus on helping our partners succeed by understanding their business and how to best assist them with innovative solutions.

Our Partner program

We aim to continuously enhance value and ensure a smooth experience for our merchants and partners. Our commitment revolves around a client-centric approach, where we handle all the backend functions, freeing you to concentrate on supporting your current merchants and attracting new business. We prioritize transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness in our partner channel ecosystem. Emphasizing collaboration, we believe in achieving more together.

Flexible Commissions

Strongly offers generous, flexible and rewarding payment structures for high performing agents.

Marketing effectiveness

Strondy equips you with comprehensive documentation and supporting materials that empower you to effectively present our product to prospects. Our resources are designed to help you convincingly communicate the value of our solutions.

Personnal Business Partner

You will have a dedicated person to assist you.

Partnership Models

We offer flexible partnership options for ISO/MSPs and Resellers.

Service Providers

Accounting / Payment

If you are involved in Company incorporation, accounting or other services related to digital business management, you can partner with us and refer your clients who need payment services.



Individuals or companies can boost their income by becoming our Reseller. Your responsibility will be to identify effective lead generation practices to attract new Strondy customers.

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